Welcome to Smiles Plus Dental Centre

Our Philosophy

We are a family oriented practice with a mission to provide excellent dental care to people of all ages and backgrounds. We love families and especially children and we try to create a cheerful and fun environment for them. Our philosophy in dentistry is “people come first” and we apply this with a lot of care and compassion in our daily professional lives.

Our Story

We are a friendly and professional dental team, dedicated to provide quality dentistry, in a caring and supportive environment. Our office is located in the corner of Danforth Ave and Logan Ave, in the heart of the vibrant and lively Danforth Village, 2 blocks away from the Chester Subway Station. It is wheel chair accessible with a ramp and a lift to the 2nd floor.

Our office is equipped with the latest technologies, like digital radiography, intraoral cameras, state of the art sterilization centre, massaging dental chairs, ”the wand” gentle computerized injection system. The wrap-around windows provide brightness and light as well as panoramic views of the Danforth. The pleasant and modern décor ensures comfort and relaxation.

Dr. Golnaz Basseri, Dr. Anastasia Kranias, Dr. Parisa Hedayatmofidi and their team of dedicated hygienists, dental assistants and dental receptionists are here to help you maintain and improve your dental health. Daily, we use our knowledge and expertise, latest technologies and anxiety combating techniques to provide you with superior dental care, and help you keep your teeth for life.

For your convenience we also fluently speak English, Greek, Serbian and Farsi.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re Making Smiles Plus…

  • Passionate, friendly team of experienced and modern dental professionals

  • We provide modern dentistry

  • Our patient safety is a top priority for us

  • Our office is equipped with modern dental technologies

  • Direct billing to insurance and payment plans


Anxiety Reducing Techniques

Fear of dentistry is the greatest deterrent to people who seek dental treatment today. Fear of the needle, the drill, the sounds and the unknown are the main reasons. In combating dental phobias we employ several proven techniques:


Nitrous Oxide sedation (laughing gas). Nitrous oxide is a gas you can breathe in and in combination with oxygen it provides relaxation and pain killing within 2-3 minutes. It is fed through a tube to which a nasal hood is applied and you breathe through it. The depth of sedation can be controlled by the operating dentist and is dictated by you. You remain conscious throughout the procedure, with a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. We found it works very well for individuals with dental phobias that would otherwise avoid going to the dentist.


Computer assisted anesthesia “The Wand”. Dr. Basseri uses a computerized device, called the Wand to provide efficient and almost painless dental anesthesia. The flow rate of the local anesthetic is controlled by a computer. This allows for the solution to be deposited “drop by drop” reducing the “sting” of the injection to a minimum. The injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady, therefore gentle and comfortable. The “Wand” is a great tool in combating dental fear.

Communicating and educating the patient is also a great tool in reducing anxiety. We will listen attentively and answer any questions you might have. We will use educational videos, pictures, pamphlets and hands on models to explain procedures and techniques and describe different treatment options. In this way, we make you part of the decision making and you feel at ease.

Anxiety Reducing Techniques

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