We will examine your mouth and teeth and diagnose any potential problems you might have. This will include abnormalities in the soft tissue such as discolouration or ulcers on the lips, gums, tongue, palate and cheeks.

We will check the health of the gums and record any signs of gum disease and bone loss around the teeth. We will record tooth decay, damaged worn or broken down teeth, deficiencies or problems with ones bite that can lead to joint disfunction and pain. We will also take any necessary dental xrays.

Dental xrays will provide us with more information about your dental health like

  • Cavities in between the teeth
  • Bone loss caused by gum disease
  • Teeth that are trapped (impacted) under the gums, such as wisdom teeth
  • Infection at the roots of the teeth
  • Cracks in the teeth
smileplus-Examination and Xray