Teeth cleaning in the dental office is a procedure for removing the tartar that may develop on the teeth, despite careful brushing and flossing. It is done by our dental hygienists.

Professional cleaning includes tooth scaling and tooth polishing and debridement. The cleaning should be done as a routine dental treatment every 3-6 months depending on the individual’s oral health.


Periodontal disease is the disease that affects the gums and tissues around the teeth, i.e. ligaments and bone. Bacteria in the dental plaque and tartar, can inflamme the gums (gingivitis), causing bleeding, redness, puffiness or can destroy the ligaments and bone that supports the teeth (periodontitis).

Treatment of periodontal disease involves removal of the plaque and tartar, debridement of the areas of bone loss (pockets) and application of antibacterial agents or antibiotics.

The treatment is customized for each patient according to individual’s needs and is carried out by the dental hygienist. In situations where the bone loss is severe and surgery is required, the patient might be referred to a periodontist.